Air Graffiti is an 8' X 10' Interactive photo booth that adds a WOW factor to your event. Party guests step in front of the massive screen where we take their photo and before they can step away from the screen a life-size image appears. The reaction as they turn around to see themselves and their friends is priceless. Next, we hand them the digital spray cans and in just a few seconds they are using their creativity and the broad palette of colors to spray paint their names, funny lines, or using the digital stamps and stencils to create works of art. After some fun and laughter save the image, share it on facebook, email it, and print a copy for everyone in the group in just seconds. Now that's cool!


As with all our products we bring a fun and entertaining guest experience with our graffiti wall but not only that all guests get to take away their creation with an instant print out overlayed with your chosen print design. We also make a guest book for you to keep including a copy of every photo taken along with guest messages!


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